Breathe Screens

Oct 2, 2022

Breathe Screens are digital backgrounds designed to help us pause and reflect, before unlocking a device. This tiny, silent ritual sets the foundation for any and all mindful internet habits to follow.

The impact of these screens depends on the intention you assign to them. They will not work, without a conscious decision on your end to repattern the often mindless tendency to sign on.

We’ve asked different artists to come up with their own interpretations of Breathe Screens. Some prompt you to look inward. Others share a hopeful vision of the internet. All are meant to remind us of the power and potential of our time spent online.

This is an on-going series. New screens will be released on a continual basis.

How to use:

  1. Download the screen that speaks most to you, on your chosen device.
  2. Set it as your phone lock screen and/or your computer screen saver.
  3. Sit with your new screen for 60 seconds and express your intention (for example: I choose to harness my attention. I choose to use the internet for good. I choose to set stronger boundaries.)

For optimal *freshness* rotate backgrounds once a week and do not set as your home screen wallpaper. The more familiar the screen becomes the less effective it will be at grabbing your attention.


  • Builds a foundation for mindful digital habits
  • Helps you clarify + stay grounded in your intentions
  • Helps reduce screen time

Phone screens

Desktop Screens

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