We want to change the way we manage our digital dependence:

from resistant and restrictive to accepting and mindful.

We live here now

We are all constantly connected through a vast, ambient digital network. Many of our social and economic livelihoods depend on it. Opting out is only temporary, and a privilege….. We can’t just turn it off, we need to learn how to live better online.

A Higher Internet is possible
A Higher Internet is possible

A Higher Internet is possible

The internet is the most incredible tool we’ve ever held. But we were never taught how to wield it and we forfeited it to Big Business, before we even understood what it was..… We need to fight for a better internet and reclaim its highest collective potential.

Screentime is a Scapegoat

Screen time is a scapegoat

Focusing solely on screen time distracts from bigger questions. Cutting back is great, but what’s the point of “detoxing”, if you’re just going to gulp down junk the moment you sign back on?……. We need to think past how long, to what you’re engaging with and why.

We become what we take in

We become what we take in

Information shapes our minds, much like foods shape our bodies. Over time, both can either fuel or stunt our development, in ways we often don’t realize…… We need to see the direct link between the content we take in and our habits, health, and happiness.

Mindset over Tech

Mindset over tech

No app or device is going to fix our digital overwhelm. Tech can’t teach us how to live well as humans in a hyper-connected world….. We can’t outsource the solution, we need to reconnect with our internal technology.

Our Principles

Our digital habits, much like our eating habits, shape who we are.

So we’re building on five lessons, learned through food, to imagine a more nourishing way of life online.

Honors Inner Signals

Tuning into how things make you feel internally is key to learning what’s best for you. Things that are good for you make you feel motivated, restored, connected. The things that aren’t will eventually leave you sluggish, tense, overwhelmed.

Fuels Action + Growth

We’re meant to feed our body and mind things that can be put to use. What we can’t use just sits there, building up, weighing us down, making it hard to move.

Seeks Quality

How things are made matters to your health. Ingesting fast, cheap “junk” may fill you in the moment, but too much is harmful in the end. Our bodies and minds flourish when we take in things made with time and care.

Maintains Variety + Balance

Our minds require a range of different inputs to develop, just like our bodies. And these requirements vary, person to person, day to day. So, it is essential to seek out diverse and well-rounded sources of content and community, especially as algorithms narrow our intake.

Builds Trust

Scrutinizing everything you take in isn’t healthy or possible. So we must vet and uplift broad networks of ethical makers. We must be able to trust their products, they need to in trust our support, and we need to trust ourselves to act in alignment with our core values, on and offline.